The first contrast between "Christmas: Storms and Sunshine" and "What Men Live By" is the setting. The Christmas story is set in the middle of a somewhat large town, though they are not specific with location. It is far bigger than the town Simon lives in, in "What Men Live By," because there is two newspapers. In my opinion, Simon lives in a small village, with not many technological advances, or any modern amenities. The women in "Christmas: Storms and Sunshine" play a far bigger role than the woman in "What Men Live By," and are two of the main characters. "What Men Live By" also has a more spiritual aspect, and reflects how God wants us to live. "Christmas: Storms and Sunshine" is more about the holidays, and friendship, and how to be more merry. The main characters in "Christmas: Storms and Sunshine" are enemies, and Simon and his wife Matryona do not have any enemies. There is more external conflict in the Christmas story than in "What Men Live By." Simon struggles at the beginning of the story with internal conflict, when he tries to decide whether or not to go back to Michael, or to leave him in the cold.